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13May 2014

News: 13/5/2014

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We are very proud to announce the official results of the Greek KC for 2013. We have awarded best dogs in both Long and Smooth coat Chihuahuas. In particular, 
-Our Mystic Legion Eros who was only a puppy and then Junior, throughout 2013, he managed to get best long coat baby, best long coat puppy, best long coat Junior and above all Top Long Coated for Greece in 2013. He was also awarded as top 10 best puppy among ALL breeds in Greece.
-Our Dachida’s Leading Man was awarded as Top Smooth Coat Chihuahua in Greece for 2013.
Regarding the point system, both boys had a big difference from the points of the 2nd best. 
Our boys made us so proud with these results and their nice performance throughout 2013 and we really hope the same for 2014.