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10May 2014

News: 10/5/2014

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Great results at the International Show in Athens/Greece. Under the judge Dusan Paunovic, we got:
-Mystic Legion Eros (Long Coat). Our little star in his first show in the intermediate class, he got CAC, CACIB, BOB and he ended up BOG4 
-Mystic Legion Jasmine (Long Coat), Very promising 1, BOB puppy
-Mystic Legion Magdalena (Smooth Coat), Very promissing 1, BOB puppy
-Mystic Legion Lolita (Long Coat), JCAC and BOB Junior 
-Mystic Legion Margarita (Smooth Coat), JCAC and BOB Junior 
-Mystic Legion Adonis (Long Coat), JCAC and Best Junior Male